It’s about us

You and I are two different people,
Falling in love and knitting love,
Knowing each other everyday,
in jokes and laughter,
in the rhythm of joy and sorrow

we’ve been together for many years,
know each other,
which may be some annoying,
but seem to accept each other,

But there is one day
Where all the memories that were passed seemed to be destroyed like crumpled paper, torn small slowly..
Yes…we don’t have the same goal,
the goal that will lead us to a happy day, the day where you will make a vow in front of everyone to make me happy forever,

My hopes are shattered,
But I don’t know what to say about what happened.
Could this be my fault?
Too many stories of my daily life to you,
Too many wishes to achieve with you,
Too much hope for you..

I’m really really disappointed,
I scream in silence,
My tears keep flowing,
My mouth can’t speak,
My body was trembling,
Until this large room seemed to make me suffocate for a moment,

Could this be a sign from God?
That he is not the one that I looking for,
It’s not him who will be a place for me to go home..

I always believe in God plans,
I know God plan is never wrong..
God plans will always be more beautiful than I imagined..

Always make me happy..

Resep Teh Bunga Telang

Tau kah kamu Bunga telang?

Bunga telang semakin populer karena memiliki banyak manfaat bagi kesehatan. Bunga telang memiliki kandungan senyawa bioaktif yang bisa dijadikan sebagai obat herbal alami untuk menangkal beberapa penyakit, misalnya kanker payudara, kanker ovarium, serviks, dan juga hati. Penelitian terhadap bunga telang juga mengatakan bahwa bunga telang memiliki senyawa antioksidan, antiinflamasi, serta antimikroba.

Nah, bunga telang sendiri bisa dikonsumsi sehari-hari dan dibuat sebagai teh, lho! Walaupun sering diolah menjadi berbagai makanan, bunga telang juga bisa dinikmati sebagai teh. Cara membuat teh bunga telang pun juga cukup mudah. Inilah resep teh bunga telang yang menyehatkan tubuh dan wajib kamu coba.

Teh Bunga Telang + Madu & Lemon


  1. 3-5 kuntum bunga telang
  2. 150-180 ml air panas
  3. Gula/madu (secukupnya)
  4. Air perasan lemon (secukupnya)
  5. Irisan lemon

Cara membuat:

  • Siapkan gelas. Lalu, masukkan bunga telang dan seduh dengan air panas.
  • Biarkan hingga berubah warna.
  • Tambahkan gula sesuai selera.
  • Beri perasan dan irisan lemon.
  • Lihat perubahan warna yang terjadi.
  • Teh bunga telang dan lemon ini pun siap dinikmati.

Nah jika bunga telang dicampur dengan yang bersifat asam, warnanya akan berubah menjadi ungu seperti ini

Teh bunga telang + lemon

Namun kamu juga bisa menikmati teh bunga telang original atau tanpa campuran apapun. Dan warnanya adalah biru

Teh bunga telang original

Nah kalau berikut ini adalah beberapa manfaat dari bunga telang.

Sebagai sumber antioksidan

Ekstrak yang terdapat pada bunga telang mampu berperan sebagai sumber antioksidan dan menekan kerusakan oksidatif. Peran antioksidan lainnya yaitu sebagai penangkal radikal bebas, penghambat enzim oksidatif, dan sebagai kofaktor enzim antioksidan.

Meningkatkan sistem kekebalan tubuh

Salah satu manfaat bunga telang yaitu membantu meningkatkan sistem kekebalan tubuh. Sistem kekebalan tubuh disebut juga dengan sistem imun, yang merupakan sistem perlindungan tubuh dari serangan virus dan bakteri penyebab penyakit.

Berperan sebagai antikanker

Tidak hanya sebagai antioksidan, bunga telang juga memiliki kandungan lain yang tidak kalah pentingnya, yaitu zat antikanker. Ekstrak air bunga telang memiliki potensi yang baik dalam menghambat lini sel kanker payudara MCF-7. Selain itu, kandungan tersebut juga berpotensi sebagai antikanker untuk lini sel kanker ovarium, serviks, hati, dan kelamin pria.

Itulah beberapa manfaat dari bunga telang yang wajib kamu ketahui. Manfaat bunga telang mungkin belum diketahui oleh banyak orang. Karena, bunga dengan warna biru ini awalnya memang hanya dikenal sebagai tanaman hias yang tumbuh di pekarangan. Tapi karena kamu sudah membaca tulisan ini, bisa dicoba yaa karena sangat bermanfaat untuk kesehatan lho!



Seoul, a dream come true

Seoul – the country that has always been on my mind since I was in junior high school.

It was started from liking 2PM – a Korean boyband group with 6 members, they are Taecyeon, Nikhun, JunKay, etc (i’m sorry i’m forgot). For me, I was quite a fan-girl-ing at that time. Like buy their albums, watch the concerts, go to every Korean festival in my city, follow all the activities they do and also find out about Seoul itself. And also for the first time, I watched a K-drama, Boy Over Flowers, which played by Lee Min Ho. His appearance will make women stunned, right? πŸ˜€

So I’m getting more like Seoul whatever it is. And of course I very eager to be able to explore this country. Although I don’t know when it will happen.

My love of the Kpop world finally stopped when I started entering college. My mind are more open, and my desire changed.. changed to the thought β€œI really want to go to Seoul. And I should be able to do it” but then what should I do? I don’t have enough money yet. I started thinking about being able to make some money and save for this.

And unexpectedly, I met my friend, who invited me to teach in a course. This is where I started to make my own money. Almost 3-4 times a week  I have a schedule to teach my student. Of course, tired is being part of the process. Moreover, this work I did while I was running the college.

Finally, this struggle paid off. I was able to set foot in Seoul, in Winter January 2018. It was the first time I could hold snow, and feel the snowfall. I’m so blessed at that time.

Even if it’s only for a short time, and I feel that I’m not satisfied yet. But I can go around Seoul; Nami Island, Petite French, Dongdaemun Plaza, Itaewon, Namsan Tower, Hongdae, etc.

I’m so happy, one of my dreams came true!

Because nothing is impossible. Everything will be possible when we can keep praying and trying. Only time will tell and God will see the process.

From here, my soul of traveling is always turbulent and fiery haha :p. I’ve always loved traveling! Visiting new places, enjoying the culinary, understanding culture, meeting local people makes me very happy. And I will always strive for it, to see and enjoy the nature that God created.

And now, Alhamdulillah.. my bucket list one by one has been reached. But I have to try more and more so that everything can be checked properly πŸ˜€

Thank you to the people who always support me no matter what decision I make. Thanks for not judging something I did.

Do you have a similar dream? Let’s share πŸ™‚