Let’s Help Our Next Generations!

Hello good people!

I am Jastitah. I joined CommunityID since 2019 – an organization that focuses on youth and community issues that supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as being a forum for youth movement in Indonesia.

I am currently on the program team. And is running a program called Jendela untuk Papua (Window for Papua). Jendela untuk Papua is a collaborative program with the Papua Hei community in the form of online fundraising to rebuild the Sarawondori Reading Hut in Yapen Islands, Papua, Indonesia.

Teaching children

Why should it be rebuild?
Because since 2019, the Sarawandori Reading Hut has experienced decay on the supporting legs and other parts. So it is impossible to use it as a place to study, because it can be dangerous if children enters the reading hut area.

This is the current condition of the Sarawondori Reading Hut.

The purpose of this program is so that the children there can learn more comfortably and increase their enthusiasm for learning. In addition, this fundraising is also to help fulfill their nutrition for the better.

I really need your help! so that we can continue to educate children as the nation’s next generation.

You can help us through this link


Your help will mean a lot to them.

Thank you very much!



Grow through what you go through

Life isn’t always butterflies and rainbows. This is something that we all know well. Reality isn’t something we can run away or take a break from. Mistakes are made, we fall short of our expectations for ourselves, and no matter how hard we try, things still go wrong.

Bad things always happen to everyone. Sometimes we all fall. And it makes us sad and devastated. But what’s important is that we get back up.

Life is the art of seeing. We can see it from various point of view, whether it’s positive or negative. One, allows pain and disappointment to overwhelm us and make us bitter people. Or we can see it as an opportunity to develop ourself, learn, change hearts, and grow. The choices you make are proof of the life you live.

But I know the important thing is that you are going to get through all of them, and you will come out on the other side and become the person that you choose.

So let’s grow in the ups, and grow in the downs.

Everything will be okay!

Minimalist Life

A few weeks ago, I read several articles about create a minimalist life. I think it’s very interesting, and I still can’t take it seriously. And here I will share about minimalist life.

Minimalist life is getting rid of unnecessary things to make room for what makes you happy. Minimalist life is not always about living inadequately. It is actually the path for us to:

  1. Have more freedom
  2. Have more time
  3. Have more space for important things
  4. Not feeling worry too much
  5. Have a lot more happiness
  6. More economical
  7. More environmentally friendly
  8. Healthier

So how to be able to apply minimalist life continuously?
The first thing to do is :

  • Realize that we have had enough, no longer need a lot of things. Having enough with what you have is important!
  • Tidy things up. Don’t fall apart! If you are lazy to tidy it up every day, do it once a week. Slowly, but you have to start
  • Simplify your schedule. Remove your activities that are not necessary, so that you can breathe. Focus on what is important
  • Sorting all your activities, from activities that are important and not important. Then do it continuously

Those are some simple way to implement a minimalist life.

Of course, it’s not easy to do as you think. But just start if you want to have it 😊

In a next post i will share more about these yaa!