It’s called where I want to be

I’m confused,I’m afraid, I don’t know why, I’m currently in the middle of those path, I’m thinking about what will I choose, by listing all the consequence. They said, you have to grow,to go where I want to be, Ok, I try. And it’s tiring, for sure.. They said,It’s ok, because you still learning, SomeContinue reading “It’s called where I want to be”

Smile to your haters!

Smile to your haters! Let them know that they can’t bring you down. It’s a sweet revenge, right? Kita ga pernah berpikir ada orang yang benci sama diri kita. Tapi siapa yang tau kalau kita pernah buat kesalahan tanpa kita sadari. Atau bahkan mungkin kita sadar, tapi kadang kita gamau mengakui kesalahan itu. Betapa gaContinue reading “Smile to your haters!”