You’re enough

you are enough”

Is a sentence that has always been in my mind lately.

Thankfully, I feel enough in what I have now.

I don’t know how can it be.
I’m being calm in what I do every day, I never afraid of what happens tomorrow, even I’m so proud of myself that not jealous about what people’s doing.

Because I believe that everybody has a different path in their life.
And we also have different goals to achieve.

So, why so worried?

God always gives us a lot of blessings in many different ways.
So we have to learn to be grateful in our life.

I’m learning about the gratitude concept. With gratitude, we can create an inner sense of serenity, a sense of harmony, even when things aren’t going well on the outside.

Of course, it takes time. And need practice. Practicing it regularly allows us to master our own mind, which is the only thing we can really control anyway.

So, let’s be grateful for our life.
let’s learn to feel enough for what we have; in any kind of aspect.

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And let’s be yourself, know yourself, love yourself, and you will be happy always.




Author: Jastitahn

an ordinary girl who loves traveling and sharing with other people

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