And eventually..

And eventually,We just have to surrender to God,Again, expectations often kill you,In the end, it will make you disappointed.and repeat the same mistakes. Huh,Let’s stop overexpecting,Heal the wound first,Improve yourself as best you can,If that’s the way for you, everything will be easier,Without having to slam again the same situation. I know you must beContinue reading “And eventually..”

Smile to your haters!

Smile to your haters! Let them know that they can’t bring you down. It’s a sweet revenge, right? Kita ga pernah berpikir ada orang yang benci sama diri kita. Tapi siapa yang tau kalau kita pernah buat kesalahan tanpa kita sadari. Atau bahkan mungkin kita sadar, tapi kadang kita gamau mengakui kesalahan itu. Betapa gaContinue reading “Smile to your haters!”

It’s not about I am better or I am worse

Sometimes life is unfair. It doesn’t go like we would to.There is always some problem. But I believe that God will not give that exceeds the limits of us. God’s know better what and how much we are capable of dealing with all those problem. Problem doesn’t appear because I’m better or I’m worse.Problem willContinue reading “It’s not about I am better or I am worse”