Capacity: You’ve had enough.

Talking about minimalist life is a very interesting thing for me. And it makes me want to keep improving it continuously. Previously I have written a little about the concept of minimalist, you can read about it in this minimalist life post.

When we want more of something, even though we may not really need what we want, it becomes one of those little tricky issues that involve a variety of feelings. Yeah, I think maybe we’re still not satisfied with some of the things we have right now.

Then how to deal with it?

As I studied and improved my way of life on this subject, I finally realized that there are many variables that keep us from making continuous purchases. The process of breaking this habit takes time. Because it takes a process in making us finally aware about it. And maybe these is one of the tips you can follow:

  1. Realize that you already have everything you need to have.
    When you have everything you need, such as food, clothing, shelter, loved ones, realize that everything else is just extra.
  2. Learn to stop buying things you don’t need.
    It’s sounds difficult, isn’t it? but must be implemented immediately. Again, before buying things we must repeatedly ask ourselves “Is this an absolute necessity?” or another way we can write a list of items you want to buy for a month; sort by priority needed. If after a month you still want it, you can buy it considering the questions above.
  3. Learn to be happy by doing, not having.
    Do something that makes you happy, like talking to a close friend, cooking, exercising, or doing something interesting. By shifting our focus to this, the desire for buy things will also decrease little by little.
  4. Learn the concept of enough
    The idea that we don’t always need more stuff – once we get to a certain point, that’s enough for us. Learn to recognize when sufficiency has been reached.

Having a lot of stuff, but still wanting more is an endless cycle. And we need to learn to have enough when we have enough, and to be happy with what we have.




Author: Jastitahn

an ordinary girl who loves traveling and sharing with other people

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