Sakura on the end of winter

When we are talking about the attractiveness of Japanese tourism in Spring, you definitely can’t escape from hanami or cherry blossom viewing, right? But did you know that cherry blossoms can be enjoyed not only in Spring (March – April) but at the end of winter is also blooming!

There are many kinds of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms that grow at the end of winter are called Kawazu-zakura. Kawazu-zakura comes from the city where this type of cherry is found, namely the city of Kawazu. At the end of February (on my last trip to Tokyo), Kawazu-zakura started growing in Tokyo and it’s so beautiful!

1. Enjoying the Skytree & Sakura along the Kyu-Naka River

This is the place to enjoy the Kawazu-zakura flowers against the backdrop of the Skytree which is the symbol of Tokyo. On the road along a small river called the Kyu-Naka River, several kawazu sakura have grown. Even though it’s not much, you can enjoy this beautiful atmosphere.

2. Kawazu-zakura in Shinjuku Gyoen Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen Garden is famous as a hanami location and within the park, there are also Kawazu-zakura trees which bloom throughout February-March. In this park, there are more cherry blossoms that grow at the end of winter than anywhere else. Because not only kawazu-zakura, but other types such as kan-zakura, kanhi-zakura are in this park. You can come here to enjoy the view that is presented.

3. The rows of Sakura nearest on St. Odaiba

It is located not far from St. Odaiba. Along the small road beside Aqua City Odaiba has also grown kawazu-zakura. The tourists who attended, even local residents, were very excited to see the cherry blossoms on this road.

So, those are some of the cherry blossom locations that grow at the end of winter in Tokyo when I travel there in February 2020.

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Of the 3 lists above, is there anything that makes you interested in going there? Maybe you can try visiting if you go to Tokyo at the end of Winter and see the sakura yaa! Happy Traveling ~




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