It’s about life

Our life must never be smooth as we hope. Whether it’s good or bad things happen. Isn’t it?

I remember very well when my high school physics teacher once said

“Life is like taking shelter in a big tree when it rains”.

Everybody asked, “why?” And then my teacher said “because there is no eternal life. The place we take refuge today is like a big tree & it’s only temporary

We don’t know how long we’ll live in this world. It could be today or tomorrow or another day we have died, first called by God.

As I get older, I understand more about the meaning of this life. Learning & sharing is a form of goodness that exists in the world. What does it mean?

Learn as much as possible. So that we can share our knowledge with others. The knowledge that we share will never run out, in fact, our knowledge will increase.

Share as much as possible whether it’s in terms of knowledge, almsgiving, or something else, then your life will be full of fortune and happiness.

Be kind to others. Because by doing good, we will feel the beauty of togetherness. And lastly, don’t forget to always be grateful no matter what happened. Because people who are grateful will have a happy life.

Let’s Start!

Be a good person, be better, be grateful and always be kind.


Author: Jastitahn

an ordinary girl who loves traveling and sharing with other people

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