Grow through what you go through

Life isn’t always butterflies and rainbows. This is something that we all know well. Reality isn’t something we can run away or take a break from. Mistakes are made, we fall short of our expectations for ourselves, and no matter how hard we try, things still go wrong.

Bad things always happen to everyone. Sometimes we all fall. And it makes us sad and devastated. But what’s important is that we get back up.

Life is the art of seeing. We can see it from various point of view, whether it’s positive or negative. One, allows pain and disappointment to overwhelm us and make us bitter people. Or we can see it as an opportunity to develop ourself, learn, change hearts, and grow. The choices you make are proof of the life you live.

But I know the important thing is that you are going to get through all of them, and you will come out on the other side and become the person that you choose.

So let’s grow in the ups, and grow in the downs.

Everything will be okay!


Author: Jastitahn

an ordinary girl who loves traveling and sharing with other people

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