And eventually..

And eventually,We just have to surrender to God,Again, expectations often kill you,In the end, it will make you disappointed.and repeat the same mistakes. Huh,Let’s stop overexpecting,Heal the wound first,Improve yourself as best you can,If that’s the way for you, everything will be easier,Without having to slam again the same situation. I know you must beContinue reading “And eventually..”

I know this is hard

Last July,still feels like a dream,so many problems going on,so heavy the trials are come, I never thought,that lossing you would be this painful,it feels like being slapped so many times..that life is only temporary, Please..Appreciate the meaning of existence while it exists,because the remaining time is very valuable. Now August has begun to beContinue reading “I know this is hard”

It’s about us

You and I are two different people,Falling in love and knitting love,Knowing each other everyday,in jokes and laughter,in the rhythm of joy and sorrow we’ve been together for many years,know each other,which may be some annoying,but seem to accept each other, But there is one dayWhere all the memories that were passed seemed to beContinue reading “It’s about us”