It’s about us

You and I are two different people,Falling in love and knitting love,Knowing each other everyday,in jokes and laughter,in the rhythm of joy and sorrow we’ve been together for many years,know each other,which may be some annoying,but seem to accept each other, But there is one dayWhere all the memories that were passed seemed to beContinue reading “It’s about us”

It’s called where I want to be

I’m confused,I’m afraid, I don’t know why, I’m currently in the middle of those path, I’m thinking about what will I choose, by listing all the consequence. They said, you have to grow,to go where I want to be, Ok, I try. And it’s tiring, for sure.. They said,It’s ok, because you still learning, SomeContinue reading “It’s called where I want to be”