It’s about us

You and I are two different people,
Falling in love and knitting love,
Knowing each other everyday,
in jokes and laughter,
in the rhythm of joy and sorrow

we’ve been together for many years,
know each other,
which may be some annoying,
but seem to accept each other,

But there is one day
Where all the memories that were passed seemed to be destroyed like crumpled paper, torn small slowly..
Yes…we don’t have the same goal,
the goal that will lead us to a happy day, the day where you will make a vow in front of everyone to make me happy forever,

My hopes are shattered,
But I don’t know what to say about what happened.
Could this be my fault?
Too many stories of my daily life to you,
Too many wishes to achieve with you,
Too much hope for you..

I’m really really disappointed,
I scream in silence,
My tears keep flowing,
My mouth can’t speak,
My body was trembling,
Until this large room seemed to make me suffocate for a moment,

Could this be a sign from God?
That he is not the one that I looking for,
It’s not him who will be a place for me to go home..

I always believe in God plans,
I know God plan is never wrong..
God plans will always be more beautiful than I imagined..

Always make me happy..

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