It’s not about I am better or I am worse

Sometimes life is unfair. It doesn’t go like we would to.
There is always some problem. But I believe that God will not give that exceeds the limits of us. God’s know better what and how much we are capable of dealing with all those problem.

Problem doesn’t appear because I’m better or I’m worse.
Problem will come when I don’t know that I am bad. It will also come when I can’t say I’m wrong or it will catch up when I’m just afraid to feel less. Am I right?

I think that I’m not the lucky person yet right now. Of course, I am aware of my abilities.
But still…I must learn more;
learn to sincerely accept whatever it is, learn to be more grateful for the blessings God gave to me, learn to appreciate my life that I live today. And today, I can still smile, when I can still see the bright sun also a clear blue sky and when God still give me a breath.

The problem are not because I am better than you or you are not better than me.
But I didn’t realized how lucky I am that I live and know them; my family and all my friends who always support me : ‘)
I like their presence when I laugh, at the same time I am grateful because I am not perfect, I am not balanced but I satisfied with them!

What does it mean if I become perfect but it turns out I’m all alone?

Everyone has their own interests, especially if we are not in one place. And when we are being together is something I called valuable.

I may often forget to say my gratitude. But thank you to You, family, friends and the joy which always there in every feeling of annoys and disappointment..

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